About Us

AdsJa.net is an online Classifieds community which provides as a medium for users to buy and sell items quick, easy and effectively.  We also offer a platform for users who wish to promote an event or business to do so for free.  AdsJa.net aims to be a popular Jamaican household name, providing as a hub for buyers, sellers and promoters to advertise cost free.  Just sit back, relax and enjoy the website and its many offerings to come.

Contact Us
The contact information below can be used to contact the admin of this site.  Feedback on this site’s performance are also accepted;
Email: support@adsja.net or jmcgowan1990.jm@gmail.com
Telephone #: 1-876-880-0798 or 1-876-997-7289
If you wish to buy, enquire or trade an item, kindly use the seller’s contact information provided or contact the seller via email.
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